This is what Tarun thinks about mythological shows!

tarun khanna mythological shows

Mumbai 25 November 2020: An actor believes in giving his heart and soul to the character he plays. They are only recognized by the work and dedication that they put into it. No matter how challenging it is, if you give your 100 percent it will surely reflect in your work. Actor Tarun Khanna who is currently seen in Dangal TV’s Devi Adi Parashakti as Lord Shiva can be seen sharing his views on the same.

Speaking about working in a mythological show Tarun says, “To be honest I actually feel playing a character for a mythological show can be a bit challenging and difficult because they require lots of hard work. There have been few instances in the TV industry that your hard work is not respected and recognized as much as it should actually be. One should understand that it’s not easy to get into the psyche of a god and behave like one. No one knows about them. One can only imagine it. But all in all these challenges about mythological character helps me to do better and strive for excellence.”

We cannot deny the fact that how difficult it actually can be to portray a character which you have only heard about,and Tarun Khanna surely did his best in it.

Watch Tarun Khanna in Devi Adi Parashakti only on Dangal TV from Monday to Saturday at 9pm.

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