Our doctors are our real super heroes says Naveen Pandita

Naveen Pandita

1st July 2021, Mumbai: It has been more than a year since the pandemic hit us. Many of us may have even forgotten to feel what normal feels like.  Among all of this, our health workers and doctors have been on their jobs without a break, without complaints.  Servicing the nation without any qualms, we owe our good health to them.  In a way our doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers across the world have been fighting this unique war.

Thankful for all the efforts put in by our doctors, Dangal TV’s show Ranju Ki Betiyaan’s Naveen Pandita urges everyone to spend time with their loved ones during this time, eat healthy food, workout at home, avoid unnecessary travel and stay fit. This National Doctors Day he salutes all the doctors out there who are working relentlessly so that we overcome this pandemic.

Naveen says, “Our doctors have been serving millions of people day and night to make sure they are free of the Covid virus. This Doctor’s Day, we should be thankful and grateful for all the hard work put in by our doctors. They are at a constant risk and yet continue to work without complaints. They may not wear capes but they are our superheroes who have made sure we come out of this together. I give my heartfelt appreciation to all the doctors out there for everything they do and are deeply grateful for all their sacrifices. A big thank you to their families as well given the sacrifices they have had to make. Being frontline workers isn’t an easy job and that is something we have seen this past year.  Our nation currently depends on them. On a personal note, I would like to thank my good friend Dr. Kanav Gupta and my Aunt Rita Dhar, who is a nurse for their sacrifice and hard work while they continue to help people.”

Naveen urges everyone to get vaccinated and wishes all the doctors out there  A Happy Doctors Day!

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