Sometimes I used to practice the dialogues till 4:30 am Rati Pandey

Mumbai, 18 November, 2020: Mythological shows, Theatre or for that matter even cinema require the actors to put in special effort to do justice to the character. Every aspect needs to be carefully created to bring the character to life. Whether it be dialogue delivery, body language or something as intrinsic like facial expressions adds to the life of the character played.

Rati Pandey who is seen on Dangal Tv’s mythological show Devi Adi Parashakti, shares how she prepared for her role of Devi. Rati shares, “Playing Devi challenged me as an actor. I had to master every aspect of the character to be able to portray Devi in the truest form. I worked on dialogue delivery to diction to body language. Sometime to avoid hassles during shoot, I used to be up till 4:30 am to be sure that I get my dialogues correct as the language is pure hindi. I ensure my body language was subtle to fit the role. We gave attention to the smallest of gestures which helped bring out the goddess while shooting the show.”

From this we know that an actor’s job is not  easy and the preparations vary as the genres change. We are sure Rati’s hard work will be appreciated by her viewers.

Tune in to Dangal TV’s Devi Adi Prashakti from Monday to Saturday at 9pm to know more.

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