I only saw myself as a dancer and an actor – Sudha Chandran on anchoring Crime Alert

sudha chandran anchoring crime alert

Mumbai, 16th March 2021: Sudha Chandran has been a part of the entertainment industry for over 30 years now. Started as a dancer, Sudha accepted acting like a second skin and to add on to the level of difficulty, she has been a part of shows in multiple languages. And while the audience thought that was all for her, she surprised all of us by anchoring Dangal TV’s Crime Alert.

When asked about her experience of anchoring a show for the very first time, Sudha says, “With Crime Alert’s first season, the channel gave me the opportunity and also pushed me to become a producer. That was something new that I explored. And this season, I got an opportunity to become the host of the show. Anchoring is also something that I hadn’t tried before. I only saw myself as a dancer and an actor but to be a host is also a wonderful experience.”

Crime Alert is a show that depicts real-life criminal incidents. When asked Sudha why she chose Crime Alert as her first anchoring project, she said, “Crime is a subject that needs to be looked at in-depth since the percentage is on the rise. We have become insensitive to what we read. What we visualize, we find a connection. Here, we are using entertainment as an eye-opener to make people aware of what is happening around them. Through this show, we want to tell people that as citizens, they too must take responsibility to understand the crime and talk about it. We can’t be dependent on the police all the time. We can’t turn a blind eye to the crime taking place in the country because we are personally not affected. Hence, I chose to do the show and make the audience aware of such stories.

Crime Alert aims at creating awareness amongst viewers, from means of protecting themselves to recognizing crime and criminal activities. It showcases true events in a dramatic and exceptional manner and makes the citizens alert against criminal activities. “Crime Alert” airs at 12.30pm from Monday to Saturday only on Dangal TV.

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