Deepshika and I are like 2 ends of a pole says, Reena Kapoor

Reena Kapoor

Mumbai, 16th March 2021: In the television industry, we often see actors, who have different personalities enjoying each other’s company. Recently, actress Reena Kapoor who is presently seen in Dangal TV’s show Ranju Ki Betiyaan as the lead shares her equation with Deepshika Nagpal who is seen as a negative shade. She opens up and shares how they are the complete opposite and how she likes the way Deepshika Nagpal lightens up the atmosphere on set.

Sharing more about this Reena says, “I am working with Deepshika for the first time. I feel she has gotten completely into her character Lalita and is doing justice to it. The atmosphere on sets is very energetic, fun, everyone’s enjoying themselves and one of the reasons for this is Deepshika. I am a quiet and introvert person whereas Deepshika is completely my opposite. While I am in my own space enjoying a book, Deepshika is fun-loving, she kind of lightens up the atmosphere. I really like it.”

Sharing a quality where Reena admires Deepshika, she says, “On sets, when Deepshika’s shot gets over, she starts making videos, Instagram reels. Here, we are completely opposite as I keep my phone in my room and I don’t get a chance to use it throughout the day. I have tried to learn from her that I should also try to be active on social media. But I just can’t, it’s not in my nature (laughs). I am enjoying the different flavours on our set.”

Despite having different personalities, Reena and Deepshika enjoy working together.

Ranju Ki Betiyaan is a heart touching story of a single mother Ranju and her struggles of raising 4 daughters in a patriarchal society. It delves into the various societal issues faced by single mothers, and will witness Ranju empowering herself to raise her four daughters single-handedly to help them achieve their dreams. Catch Ranju Ki Betiyaan at 9.30pm only on Dangal TV.

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