Actress Heena Parmar stays creative with painting

Heena Parmar

Mumbai 11 January 2021: Like many of us, celebrities love to stay creative and do different things in their spare time. Keeping oneself engaged and occupied productively, helps to remain relaxed and calm in life. From peotry to dancing and exercising, actors are good at acting as well as their hobbies. Similarly, actress Heena Parmar, who is currently seen in Dangal TV’s Aye Mere Humsafar as Payal enjoys drawing and painting

Sharing about her passion, Heena says, “As a kid, I was fond of art. Be it drawing, colouring or painting. Recently, after finishing my shoot I got a chance to use my skills and help my team on the set. I saw the art department prepping for the next scene where they were painting drums. I couldn’t resist and requested them to let me also join. They agreed and so I painted the drum and was really happy as I able to de-stress and enjoy.”

Seems like Heena has an artistic side which is all about colours and brushes which helps her relax, de-stress and stay creative as well as positive.

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