We are taking home a part of Silvassa with us – Jeevansh Chadha

Mumbai, 9th June 2021: As restrictions are being eased on shootings TV shows and films in Mumbai, the cast of Dangal TV’s Ranju Ki Betiyaan have also headed back to Mumbai after making Silvassa their home for over a month. The entire unit got a chance to bond strongly, have heartfelt conversations that have definitely brought them closer to each other. Jeevansh Chadha who plays Vicky, one of Guddu and Lalita’s son, shares that this journey was one of the best time of his life which and one that wouldn’t be possible without his co-stars – Deepshikha Nagpal, Karan Khandelwal and Roopal Tyagi.

Sharing about the bond he has with his co-actors, Jeevansh says, “My trip to Silvassa was said to be a strictly professional trip but let me tell you, I have had one of the best times of my life with all my cast and crew members. I must rather address them to be my family. We have made abundant memories together. Ms Deepshikha (Nagpal) and my brother, on and off-screen, Karan (Khandelwal) have been my buddies in all its literal sense. We have partied together, spent so much time together and our social media accounts are proof of it. Our bond has become so strong and I am so grateful for it. I refer to Roopal (Tyagi) as my queen of balance, as she just can maintain the perfect balance of work and leisure.”

He also adds, “I got an opportunity to not just interact with my co-actors but rather with the entire Ranju Ki Betiyaan family, right from my makeup dada to the camera person and everyone else too. We all had our meals together as a family, everyone learned from each other. I am happy to come back to Mumbai but I shall never let go of all the good times. I hope to be a part of this and many such families on my path through my dream journey.”

Ranju Ki Betiyaan is a heart touching story of a single mother Ranju and her struggles of raising 4 daughters in a patriarchal society. It delves into the various societal issues faced by single mothers, and will witness Ranju empowering herself to raise her four daughters single-handedly to help them achieve their dreams. Catch Ranju Ki Betiyaan at 9.30pm only on Dangal TV.

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