Tina Philip is one of the best actors – Namish Taneja

Tina Philip And Namish Taneja

Mumbai, 30th December 2020: To portray an act in front of huge audiences is a big task. You work hard to display the right emotions and feelings and if these emotions reach the audience, it satisfies the actors. Acting is not so easy. To play any character you need a lot of practice, hard work and patience. And who better than a co-actor can appreciate your work. Namish Taneja, who is currently seen in Dangal TV’s Aye Mere Humsafar praises his co-star Tina Philip and calls her a wonderful actor.

In the track of the show, Tina Philip is playing a double role – Vidhi Sharma and Komal Kali who is a bar dancer. Talking about how beautifully Tina is portraying both the characters, Namish says, “Tina is very hard working; she is one of the best actors and very down to earth. To play such roles and get appreciated by the audience is a really big thing. I always trouble her but she is very good. We enjoy working together a lot. Since we recently completed 100 episodes, we got so much love for the show.  But this was only possible because of the hard work of the whole team of Aye Mere Humsafar. I am very happy to work with Tina and am looking forward to the further journey.”

When actors appreciate their co-stars we understand the bond they share and how their chemistry on-screen works and why they are loved for the same.

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