This is how Actors of Dangal Channel are celebrating Diwali this year!

Actors of Dangal

Mumbai, 13 November, 2020:

Rishina Kandhari,Aye Mere Humsafar:

Since childhood Diwali has been very special to us.We used to follow every ritual because of my Mom. Usually my Diwali starts a couple of days before and we have card parties and get togethers. But this time it is going to be a low-key affair. There are not many card parties happening around and visiting relatives, friends and family is going to be very less. I will be doing my 1.5hours long pooja like I have been doing for the last 2-3 years. I know all the mantras and rituals to do it. I will later go down to celebrate with some phooljadhis, anar and chakri. And will click some pictures for Instagram (laughs). That’s the plan so far.

Tarun Khanna, Devi Adi Parshakti:

Well Diwali is the only festival which I celebrate with lots of vigour and I was looking forward to celebrating it with my brother who lives in Delhi but because of corona and restrictions on travelling, going to Delhi for Diwali is not possible this year. This year I have shifted to a new house so this Diwali is really special for me because I am celebrating it in my new house in Mumbai. Of course there is nothing like celebrating with your family and loved ones back home in Delhi but it’s ok next year I will go there.

Rati Pandey, Devi Adi Parshakti:

I would have loved to visit my family back in Patna for Diwali. I believe festivals are made and also more fun with family around. But I am too busy shooting this time so will not be able to visit. I plan to have a small celebration. I will light some diyas around my house and ofcourse do the pooja. But I probably will go back home for Chatt Pooja.

Neelu Vaghela, Aye Mere Humsafar:

well, like every other festival, even Diwali will be quieter than before. We as a family had stopped bursting crackers long ago so that won’t be an issue of concern. But yes, we used to visit friends and families, had diwali parties. That wont happen and i will really miss it. I would urge everyone to not burst crackers and always wear a mask while celebrating. Wishing a very happy diwali to everyone.

Namish Taneja, Aye Mere Humsafar:

I feel blessed to have my family around especially for Diwali. We will play cards together. Mom will cook some tasty food for all of us. The elders will give us gifts while we will also give them a little present to bring a smile on their faces. Irrespective of all this, having them by my side is the best part. Even our regular dinner at home with everyone feels like a celebration. It’s because I believe Diwali is where the family is.

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