Ranju Ki Betiyaan – Lalita’s decision

Ranju Ki Betiyaan

Mumbai, 24th February 2021: After the guest leaves Bulbul, Muskan, Shalu and Tia are sitting together in the garden. Bulbul was about to say something about Guddu Ji, however, Shalu stops her. She says that now is the time we should focus on their career and not forget their mother’s hard work and struggle.

Meanwhile, frustrated Guddu Ji tells Lalita how Ranju denied the proposal. Lalita remembers her mother Bindu forewarned her about this. Lalita tells Guddu Ji to swear that he will never look back into his past. She plans to make Ranju and her daughters leave Muzaffarpur.

In the night at Ranju’s place, sitting in the garden she thinks how can Guddu Ji listen to such things about his daughter. Looking at some old pictures she remembers how Guddu Ji behaved when she got married and realizes he had always been like this but only with her.

– How will Lalita put her plan into action?

– Will Guddu Ji listen to Lalita and forget about his daughters?

Ranju Ki Betiyaan is a heart touching story of a single mother Ranju and her struggles of raising 4 daughters in a patriarchal society. It delves into the various societal issues faced by single mothers, and will witness Ranju empowering herself to raise her four daughters single-handedly to help them achieve their dreams. Catch Ranju Ki Betiyaan Monday to Saturday at 9.30pm only on Dangal TV.

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