Ranju Ki Betiyaan- Bulbul and Vicky pick a fight

Shalu Lucky

Mumbai, 10th May 2021: Guddu Ji is shocked to hear the news of not being the owner of Mishra Group of Companies and thinks what to do next. Meanwhile Tripathi tells him that he cannot take his case because Guddu Ji himself gave the property to Lalita and nothing can be done now. Tripathi calls Lalita and tells her that he did exactly what she told him to do.

Shalu and Bulbul are walking together on the road, when Lucky and Vicky come from behind and stop their bike in front of them. Watching this Bulbul gets very angry and punches Vicky and they start a fight. On the other hand Ranju and Muskaan come to the location and see that Shalu has got a scratch. Bulbul in anger narrates the entire fight to them.

Later on, Lalita reaches Ranju’s house with her son’s and the police to arrest Bulbul and Shalu. Ranju gets angry and doesn’t let this happen, she suggests the police to arrest Lucky and Vicky as well.

-Who will be arrested, Shalu & Bulbul or Lucky & Vicky?

-What will Guddu Ji do to get his property back?

Ranju Ki Betiyaan is a heart touching story of a single mother Ranju and her struggles of raising 4 daughters in a patriarchal society. It delves into the various societal issues faced by single mothers, and will witness Ranju empowering herself to raise her four daughters single-handedly to help them achieve their dreams.

Catch Ranju Ki Betiyaan at 9.30pm only on Dangal TV.

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