Namish Taneja reveals his real-life Santa

Namish Taneja

Mumbai, 21st December 2020: Everyone has a Santa in their lives who support them in every situation, guides them and gives a good direction for their future. Everyone needs a Santa who can be a good companion. Namish Taneja who is seen as Ved Kothari in Dangal TV’s Aye Mere Humsafar says he is lucky to have 2 Santas in his life.

Namish has 2 elder siblings who have always protected and pampered him. Talking about their relation, he says,” My brother and my sisters have always been my Santas. They are the ones who have supported me throughout and have always been there whenever I needed them. They always give me a small present on Christmas. Sometimes they give me cute greetings that have a lot of positivity and good vibes. They are my well-wishers. We talk every day for about 2 -3 hours to always keep in touch. I am really lucky to have such wonderful siblings. If  I fall down somewhere I know that they will catch and motivate me to not give up and try again.”

Namish is indeed a lucky one!

Catch Namish Taneja on Aye Mere Humsafar from Monday to Saturday at 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm only on Dangal TV.

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