Mother’s Day: Dangal TV actors share their favourite memory with their moms

Reena Kapoor Monika Khanna Utkarsha Naik

Mumbai, 7th May 2021: With Mother’s Day just a few days away, Dangal TV actors pour their hearts out for the most beloved person in their life. The actors share their most fondest memories with their mommy dear.

Reena Kapoor aka Ranju in Ranju Ki Betiyaan: “My mother is very innocent and childlike. If she likes something, she’ll not use it for the fear of it getting spoilt. Once I gifted her a blue coloured handbag which had lots of pockets, just the types she wanted. To date, it is lying in her cupboard untouched (laughs). I am yet to come across a human being as strong as my mother. She is very innocent and never sheds tears in front of anybody, no matter how badly you are hurt from inside. This is one thing that I have inherited from her. Even after the demise of my father (15 years back), she kept her pain to herself and diverted all her focus on God.”

Utkarsha Naik aka Savita Shastri in Prem Bandhan: ” When it comes to my mother it just can’t be one thing which would be my favourite memory. The whole chapter of my life is about her. I just lost my mother a month back and life feels incomplete without her. But one of the fondest memory I want to share would be the festival time. Every year during Diwali she used to make snacks and sweets for us and I really miss that. My mother was my biggest fan as the kind of comments I used to get from her was very nice and it would make me feel happy. My mother never looked back and supported me in everything.”

Monika Khanna aka Vandana in Prem Bandhan: “Every parent is very special and very important. You can lose your name, fame, money, and get it back but once you lose your mother, you can never get her back. I pray to God that no one loses their mother during these difficult times. Every day is a learning experience with my mom, her patience, the sacrifice she has made and how she is as a person prepares me for my future. When I get married and have kids, I will always try to do things as she did for me and my sister. She is my inspiration.”

We wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

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