Jeevansh Chadha takes a walk down memory lane on Father’s Day

Deepak Chadha

Mumbai, 18th June 2021: Father’s day is dedicated to express our gratitude to our loving and caring fathers who are their kids’ real superheroes. Jeevansh Chadha who is currently seen as Vicky in Dangal TVs Ranju Ki Betiyaan shares fun and adventurous moments with his father Deepak Chadha, and share how his father is his backbone.

Talking about his inspiration, he says, “Father’s day is no less than a grand celebration for me. My ambitions in life revolve around my parents and the biggest inspiration I get is from my father. He has taught me what life is and my aim is to follow in his footsteps. There are a lot of wonderful memories that we share. I still remember the day he was heading to Mumbai for his work and I actually just came to see him off, but I was so attached to him, I remember I denied to get off the train and then I was in Mumbai.”

Remembering a moment with his father, he says, “I love spending quality time with dad. When I was young, I remember we were at a park and I was sitting on a dragon swing. My dad had to go somewhere and he asked his friend to take me back home. As soon as I got off the swing I started looking for him and started crying when I couldn’t find him. He saw me crying from far and in no time, just rushed towards me. He held me so tightly in his arms. That was the day that I realized that he is the person I’m most comfortable and secured with. Till date, when he is around, I feel that I have the courage to stand in any situation. I hope one day I can make all his dreams come true and make him and my mother proud.”

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