I’ve got clarity in life while portraying a goddess says Rati Pandey

Rati Pandey Aadi Parashakti

Mumbai, 07 November 2020:

1.     Devi Adi Parashakti is returning back on Dangal TV. What importance does this show hold for you?

This show has always been important to me from the time it went on air. Since the time I associated with this show, I have become more of a spiritual person. I have learnt a lot as a person and as an actor. I have understood the power of the almighty, the reason behind praying and the sole existence of this power. These things hold more importance for me now because of the ups and downs that we have faced during lockdown. I was eagerly waiting for the show to air again and I am quite surprised and happy to know that Devi Adi Parashakti is going on air after Dusshera. This show means a lot to me because I worship Goddess Durga. This show has helped me to understand and learn a lot of things about my own self and my life. This show has taught me to understand and rectify my mistakes that I have made in the past.

2.     One change that you noticed in yourself?

I have got clarity in life. A lot of my questions have been answered. While portraying the role of a goddess, I also realized their dilemma. I have also realized that one should not complain and whatever happens, happens for the good. We are responsible for our own happiness and sadness. I have become calmer as compared to before. I have become spiritual which is helping me in understanding myself and the situations around me.

3.     How much time do you take to get ready and what challenges do you face make-up and costume wise?

Initially, I faced a lot of difficulty because I had never done a mythological show before. However, after shoots resumed post lockdown, things become a lot more difficult. Shooting patterns changed. I had to do my own make-up before reaching the set. While managing make-up, I also had to memorize my lines and rehearse. It would almost take nearly 2 hours to get ready. A lot of times, we were shooting without our co-actors to maintain precautionary measures and social distancing. I had to do a lot of homework because it was a challenge to portray different characters within the same show. I have also got accustomed to the language.

4.     Devi is a strong mythological character. Do you feel any difference within when you get into the character?

I personally get into the skin of any character that I play. At times, I carry the character home. Devi is definitely a very strong character. There are some scenes, where I get goosebumps. I can feel the power of Devi while performing the scenes. The clarity that I get after performing a scene helps me to get a clarity in my own life. The character of Devi has immensely helped me to improve myself in my personal life. I got a chance to portray different versions of Goddesses. It is overwhelming to portray such strong characters.

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