I had always thought of being in a grave after death not before – Tina Philip

Tina Philip

Mumbai, 10th November 2020: Acting as a profession may seem very fancy and glamorous but it also has its own challenges. From expressing different emotions at every clap of the board to performing difficult stunts and tasks, it does ask a lot from an actor. But the actor happily does it all for the love of acting.

During a sequence in Dangal’s Aye Mere Humsafar, we saw Tina Philip’s dedication for her character. While Tina Philip who plays Vidhi Sharma in the show very dedicatedly decides to fast for her husband, her mother in law Pratibha Devi (Neelu Vaghela) makes it difficult for her. After a series of events, we find out that Vidhi falls in a pit full of mud. Talking about the shooting experience, Tina says, “Yes, the situations in Vidhi’s life are very complicated. But I am loving the challenges as an actor. It was a huge task to shoot the sequence where I fall in a pit. I mean, I had always thought of being in a grave after death not before (laughs). But all for the love of acting.”

We are sure Tina’s hardwork will be appreciated by her viewers.

To check out what scene is Tina Philip talking about, watch Dangal TV’s Aye Mere Humsafar from Monday to Friday at 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm to know more.

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