Frying puris brought me close to Kiran Bhargava: Utkarsha Naik

Utkarsha Naik and Kiran Bhargava

4th May 2021, Mumbai: After you spend multiple years in your workplace, you tend to make friends who turn into family. Utkarsha Naik who has been a part of the entertainment industry for more than 20 years now, has found one such friend in Kiran Bhargava who now plays her mother in-law in Dangal TV’s Prem Bandhan.

Talking about the bond she shares with Kiran Bhargava, she says, “Kiran Ji and I have been very good friends for more than 20 years now. I knew her husband before I knew her and I met Kiran ji at a party at her place. I remember there was some issue with the food that was supposed to be delivered and Kiran ji immediately went in to make puris to not disappoint the guests. I thought of helping her and these puris brought us together. After which, we were constantly in touch with each other. And when I was called for the casting of Prem Bandhan and I saw her there, I was extremely happy and it felt like home. While off-screen we are so close, on-screen we are the typical saas-bahu plotted against each other. Kiran ji is very caring and will come and help you anytime when you need her. I adore her.”

Utkarsha is very fond of animals and does a lot for animal welfare. She also mentioned how Kiran Bhargava also loves animals and helps Utkarsha in all her initiatives. This definitely is a bond for a lifetime.

Prem Bandhan is a story about an independent girl who has the responsibility of her family on her shoulders and how she meets a crossroad and ends up marrying a businessman with a mysterious past. Watch Prem Bandhan from Monday to Saturday at 10.00 pm only on Dangal TV.

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