Doing a show with a Patna backdrop feels like home – Utkarsha Naik

utkarsha naik

Mumbai, 15 December 2020: In the Television world, there are so many artists who want their roles to be challenging. It excites them as an actor. But there are a few instances where the actors find happiness in the small familiar elements of the character. These elements make them feel at ease to play that character. In the same way, Utkarsha Naik who plays the character of Rajini Shastri in Dangal TV’s Prem bandhan says that working in this show feels like home to her as it is based in Patna.

Utkarsha Naik is born and brought up in Maharashtra but her in-laws are from Patna. Talking about her experience, Utkarsha says,”My sasural is in Patna so i like to say that i belong half from Patna. Which is why, playing this character is not very difficult as I know the body language, the accent, etc very well. I am so fluent that people are confused as to how i have the perfect Bihari accent even though i am a Maharashtrian. So doing a show like Prem Bandhan with a Patna backdrop feels like home”.

The audience can feel her pride and happiness of belonging to Patna through her performance in the show.

Prem Bandhan is a story about an independent girl who has the responsibility of her family on her shoulders and how she meets a cross road and ends up marrying a businessman with a mysterious past. Watch Prem Bandhan from Monday to Saturday at 7.30pm only on Dangal TV.

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