Aye Mere Humsafar – Will Ved come to know that Komal Kali is not Vidhi?

Komal Kali is not Vidhi

Mumbai,13 January,2021: Goons enter the house and start trashing Lakhan and Sunder. Ved gets furious and attacks them. One of the goons tries to take Vidhi and this increases Ved’s temper even more. Pratibha Devi calls the Seth to check if the payments were clear and if he had sent the goons. Seth denies sending the men and assures all payments are cleared. Everybody looks at Vidhi and Vidhi agrees that she called the goons to reunite the family. Vidhi calls the guy to bash him saying that your goons were seriously fighting and hitting her family but the coordinator replies that he couldn’t send anyone and apologizes for the same. She gets shocked and she runs towards the gully where she finds Raghu who is standing there and she gets scared. Raghu tries to bully her but she warns him saying that he cannot touch her family as she will protect them. She reaches home angrily and goes to her room, tries to have a sip of alcohol, when a hand comes to stop her.

Who will be that person?

Will Ved comes to know that Komal Kali is not Vidhi?

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