Aye Mere Humsafar – Komalkali’s decision

Aye Mere Humsafar

Mumbai, 11th February 2021: When Payal offers to carry Vidhi’s child, Pratibha thinks it is a lie and that Payal is trying to take her revenge on Kothari family. Later, Imarti, Divya, Sundar and Lakhan try to convince Pratibha to let Payal give birth to the baby. On the other hand, Ved gets flashes from his past where he and Vidhi were discussing having kids and gets in an emotional and vulnerable state.
Sahil calls Pratibha and tells her that Dr. James would be leaving very soon and there is not much time to get the surgery. After packing Vidhi’s bag, KK and Ved were about to leave for the hospital, Payal falls on the ground and hits her head and their whole plan gets ruined. At that moment, Komalkali enters and tells that she is ready to give birth to Ved and Vidhi’s baby.

Will Ved agree to Komalkali being the surrogate?

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