Uday Singh – Dance Deewane 3 Top 16 Contestants

uday singh Dance Deewane 3 Top 16 Contestants

Uday Singh from Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh is a contestant of 2nd Generation of Dance Deewane. Uday Singh lives with his mother in a small mud house. Uday Singh used to share videos of his dance on popular app Tik Tok. He became very popular on Tik Tok. Seeing this popularity of him, the Dance Deewane 3 team contacted him and called him to Mumbai.

Uday’s father died a few years ago. Uday used to dance in front of his house. Uday is a laborer, he has influenced all the judges of Dance Deewane 3 show and we wish him all the best for his future performance. We wish Uday Singh Dance Deewane 3 shows to win and move on.

Born on June 12, 1998 in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh, Uday Singh is one of the contestants of the biggest dance reality show titled Dance Deewane, run by Sarel Colors TV. Popular Tik Tok star Uday Singh got a chance to perform on the Colors TV show Dance Deewane 3. Uday Singh is a talented contestant of Dance Deewane 3. But behind this success Uday Singh has an inspiring and interesting story.

It is true to say that dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them. This saying truly applies to Colors Dance Deewane Season 3 contestant Uday Singh. He is a 23-year-old boy from Neemuch who fought against all odds and made his way to the show. Uday has always expressed his gratitude for how his life has changed after his performance in Dance Deewane. Dance Deewane is an Indian reality dance competition show produced by Dreams Walt Media. The panel of judges of the season hosted by Raghav Juyal include Dharmesh, Madhuri Dixit and choreographer Tushar.

When Colors TV’s Dance Deewane 3 team reached Uday’s house looking for Uday Singh’s house, so that he could bring her to the show. Uday Singh was surprised as he got this big opportunity to show his dance talent to the world. Now Uday is one of Colors TV’s Dance Deewane Season 3 contestants.

Uday used to make videos in front of his house and upload them on Tick Talk when he started becoming popular. At the same time, he had to go through a very financial situation due to Ben being on Tick Talk but he did not give up and then Uday went on other social media platforms. Started putting the video, now their dream is going to come true. Colors TV’s Dance Deewane 3 team went to Uday’s village and brought them to audition in Mumbai. Uday Singh surprised all the judges with his blatant performance. The people of Uday’s village are also very happy and praises Uday and say that Uday should grow up and illuminate himself and his village.

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