Somaansh – Dance Deewane 3 Top 16 Contestants

Somansh Dance Deewane 3 Top 16 Contestants

Somansh from New Delhi is a contestant of the 1st Generation of Dance Deewane Season 3, a dance reality show aired on Colors TV. They win the hearts of everyone with their dance and their sweet talks. It was during the Somansh audition that the judges gave a lot of praise.

Every child in every corner of the country is filled with talent and just waiting for everyone to get the right platform. Somansh is one of the contestants of the dance reality show Dance Deewane Season 3. With Somansh dance, he also impressed all the judges of the show with his poetic style. He is quite poor and Somansh has a very good personality as well. Somansh won the hearts of all the judges with his poetry in the first performance of his dance.

Somansh, who hails from New Delhi, came to the stage for the first time, when Somansh brought a black T-shirt and bag, the judges asked him a question about what is in the bag, then Somansh replied that it was codenamed with swag. So after impressing all the judges of the show, this thing of Somansh was impressed by Madhuri Dixit, the judge of the show. Somansh Bollywood actor is a fan of Govind, likes him a lot.

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