The “Kagar” fame actor Amitabh Dayal urges Chhattisgarh Chief Minister to provide better facilities for shooting and related issues

Actor Amitabh Dayal, the main hero of the Hindi film “Kagar” directed by N Chandra, recently held a meeting on Friday 30 July 2021 with Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel in his office at his residence. In his meeting with the Chhattisgarh CM, the well known actor Amitabh Dayal, discussed the issues like facilities required for shooting, a need to set up a Film City in Chhattisgarh and a honourable place to the artists. Shri. Baghel appreciated Dayal’s initiative and also shared the news about his meeting with Dayal on the official page ofChhattisgarh CMO.

Amitabh Dayal thanked the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister for his kind gesture. He also praised him for sparing his valuable time to listen to the demands and the difficulties faced by the film industry. Dayal also complimented the CM for the yeoman’s service his government is providing to the people of Chhattisgarh. Actor Amitabh Dayal appreciated the achievements of the current government lead by honorable CM.

After meeting with the CM Baghel, Amitabh Dayal said that Chhattisgarh is his motherland and Mumbai is his “Karmabhoomi”, the land of his professional career. “I feel that like other states, the Chhattisgarh Government too should provide facilities and extend cooperation to the Chattisgarh film industry so that it could prosper. Thus, the people of Chhattisgarh can get better opportunities, they can also spread the art and culture of Chhattisgarh world wide and give a distinct identity to the state, while they remain attached to their home soil.”

“I love the people of my motherland and that is the reason I feel that they get better opportunities within the state and are not required to wander looking for better prospects elsewhere. Bhaghelji is a gentleman, amenable and very experienced person. As such I hope that he will soon initiate concrete steps for betterment of the Chhattisgarh film industry”, Dayal said.

Amitabh Dayal, was the main hero of the film “Kagaar” directed by N Chandra. Besides, he has also played a main villain in the film “Viruddh” opposite Amitabh Bacchan. He has produced two Hindi and two Marathi films.

He was born in Bilaspur. After completing studies in Bilaspur Bhilai and Raipur, he is settled in Mumbai. Now a day’s actor, producer and director Amitabh Dayal is busy in making ad films for corporate companies, music videos and commercials. He also has a production house in India and London, due to which his considerable time is spent in Mumbai and London.

By and large Amitabh Dayal is a multifaceted and a smiling person. But probably now he is thinking to enter active politics. However, he didn’t reply to this and avoided the question with discreet smile. Only the time will tell the outcome of his meeting with Chhattisgarh CM. If his efforts bear fruits and positive steps are taken for the promotion of the Chhattisgarh film industry, it will make available better opportunities for local artists and he will set an example to others. For this great contribution, the people of Chhattisgarh will remember him forever.

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