Lydian Nadhaswaram, winner of CBS Talent show

Lydian Nadhaswaram

A younger Indian pianist, Lydian Nadhaswaram is breaking all records, comes from South India (Tamil Nadu) with storm of music. Recently (2019) Lydian awarded as a winner of CBS Talent show ‘The world’s Best’ and joined 1 million dollar prize money.

Lydian is a son of Varsham satish, a Tamil music director. The Lord of rhythms, Lydian had responded to beats and scales of Drums at only age of 23 months. His father varshan was amazed and literally believed that music transmitted orally down the generations.

Varshan taught to Lydian some beats,  rising or falling of rhythms and he captured well all pitches and tunes of music. Lydian was also student of the drummer Maynard at the age of four. 

Influenced by  sister’s and father’s piano pulses and gigs, Lydian grabbed easily scales and pitches of tunes without identify any chord’s identity. By practicing more and more, he turned to piano and stunned everyone by playing it. Lydian spent four years at master Rahman’s KM music conservatory. The Chennai youngster is  well introduced with mrindangam, tabla and guitar also.

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