Indian Idol Season 12 – Going to start airing soon

indian idol season 12 (2020)

There is good news for the fans of singing, as Indian Idol season 12 is going to start airing soon on Sony TV. Finally Indian Idol season 12 is going to start from 28 November.

It will be broadcast on Sony TV on Saturday-Sunday, 8:00 pm. Promos of Indian Idol season 12 are also being shown on Sony TV, in which more than one singer is seen showing his talent.

Aditya Narayan will host Indian Idol 12,

Himesh Reshammiya, vishal dadlani and Neha Kakkar will be the singing judges of Indian Idol 12.

The tagline of Indian Idol 12 is now the weather will be awesome again


6 Comments on “Indian Idol Season 12 – Going to start airing soon”

  1. Shanumuka Priya is not good.. Her hindi speaking is pathetic.
    How can she be shortlisted when she can’t speak Hindi correctly.
    Judges need to look into this.. she only yodelling.. no big deal

  2. Worst singer is Shanmukhapriya,worstest singer and for all the songs that extra thing called oodling not required,originality of the songs some singers are taking off including SMP. Don’t praise so much about SMP,she is not good,let her sing one song which is melodious,she can’t sing, worst singer, encourage singers like Anjali and others who are extra-ordinary brilliant singers,except this girl SMP. Don’t praise her,not good at all, so many of us never watch when she comes to sing.

    1. Sanmukhapriya is the only singer who sings different. Rest are stereotype. If anybody to be made idol this season, Sanmukha priya is the right choice.

  3. These people are playing a game with Sawai Bhatt
    all the song is sung by Danish in AR Rehman special

  4. Why not makers of Indian Idol 12 plan for elimination in every week to reach top three for finale round? Unlike the past all the judges do not appear to judge quality of music except praising unnecessarily with declaration of change in “Mausam” for every singer after respective performance. No judge seems to have guided the contestants for deficiencies in Sur and Taal after detecting them minutely as it was done earlier by the judges in this show like Anu Malik, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim. Even Sunidhi Chauhan used to sing the song to point out the flaws. This time only the guest Anadaji corrected the wrong rendition of Arunita for the song “Ye Sama Sama hai ye pyar ka”
    All the songs sung by the contestants were sung by thousands of singers in the past. What is new then? That singer is different who can rewrite the sur and taal to present a new look as shown by Sanmukha Priya only in her renditions.

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