Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain

Shubhangi Atre Poorey (Angoori Manmohan Tiwari)

Shubhangi Atre Poorey played the lead role Angoori Manmohan Tiwari, She is a customary Indian housewife who likes to wear lehenga style saree, sindoor and mangalasutra and has a Bhojpuri accent. Being a straightforward, gullible and cherishing lady who effectively trusts anyone and everyone, she is benevolent hearted and blameless commonly. She performs different superstitious customs in some cases advised to her by her cherishing relative which prompts humorous results. She prepares the most heavenly nourishment. She more often than not communicates in English words mistakenly, prompting everyone around her rectifying her vocabulary, which she pursues by her now notable line “sahi pakde hai” (you have gotten it directly as though you got the significance appropriate) to recognize that the individual comprehended what she was attempting to say.[12] When she gets annoyed with Tiwari, she calls her relative known as Amma Ji. Now and again, Angoori additionally affronts Vibhuti in her very own guiltless ways. She has a decent fellowship with Anita.

Shilpa Shinde (Angoori Manmohan Tiwari) (2015-2016)

Shubhangi Atre Poorey played the lead role Angoori Manmohan Tiwari, Shilpa Shinde was replaced by Shubhangi Atre Poorey For the role of Angoori Manmohan Tiwari in the popular TV serial Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!

Saumya Tandon (Anita Vibhuti Narayan Mishra)

Saumya Tandon played the role Anita Vibhuti Narayan Mishra, an exquisite cutting edge woman who runs her prepping classes in Kanpur. Anita is an unyielding and brilliant woman. Anita is a dark belt in karate. Vibhuti’s joblessness truly disturbs her which is the reason she rules him over each issue. To satisfy her sentimental dreams, she continually powers Vibhuti to perform different characters like a criminal, a burglar, a school stud, a painter, a dacoit, a circuit repairman, a cop among numerous others which the majority of the occasions baffles him. She every now and again insults Vibhuti by contrasting him and Manmohan Tiwari, which he abhors. At whatever point she gets steamed at Vibhuti’s jokes, she tosses him out of the house. She has a decent kinship with Angoori. Anita frequently peruses a magazine named ‘Meri Chant Saheli’ distributed by Kalavati Sharma, who represents ladies’ strengthening and attempts different tips and traps from the magazine to test Vibhuti’s dedication towards herself.

Aashif Sheikh (Vibhuti Ahuti Narayan Mishra)

Aashif Sheikh played the lead role of Vibhuti Ahuti Narayan Mishra. He is husband of Anita Mishra in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. Vibhuti Ahuti Narayan Mishra unemployed men in this show. Vibhuti Ahuti Narayan Mishra crazy for Angoori bhabhi. Vibhuti best friend in show which is Prem Chaudhary. He is saying poetry in Hindi and Urdu and tell to Angoori bhabhi.

Rohitash Gaud (Manmohan Tiwari)

Rohitash Gaud played the lead role of Manmohan Tiwari in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. Manmohan Tiwari attracted to the Anita Mishra. Anita Mishra modern bhabhi in show.

Yogesh Tripathi (Daroga Happu Singh)

Yogesh Tripathi played the role Daroga Happu Singh, a degenerate Daroga, who likes Anita whom he calls ‘Gori Mem’, Happu Singh requests fixes from everyone in return for favors from him a lot to the embarrassment of the occupants, to bolster his “nine children” and a “pregnant spouse” in spite of the fact that no one trusts him as he has been stating that throughout recent years. He longs for an advancement, yet Police Commissioner Resham Pal dependably gets in his manner. He is touchy and more often than not he is seen whipping Tillu, Tika and Malkhan at the tea slow down for their shenanigans.

Saanand Verma (Anokhelal Saxena)

Saanand Verma played the role Anokhelal Saxena, all the more famously known as Saxena Ji, a virtuoso and gifted yet relevantly insane man with a fixation of shocking himself, getting tormented and eating nearly whatever is toxic or unfortunate, similar to reptile soup and cockroach tea. Anokhelal Saxena for the most part communicates his delight of franticness by saying his notorious “I Like It!!”. Through the span of the show, he is appeared to have different gifts like being a legal advisor, a craftsman, an entertainer, an author, an artist and so forth. It has never been unmistakably recognized on the show about why he went distraught in any case.

Kishore Bhanushali (Resham Pal Singh)

Kishore Bhanushali played the role Resham Pal Singh, He is the Commissioner of Kanpur Police Department in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. Resham Pal Singh is known to be a legitimate and direct man who disdains Happu Singh. He is a mystery admirer of Gulfam Kali. Entertainer Kishore Bhanushali has been a deep rooted impersonator of a late Indian film on-screen character Dev Anand and he conveys his qualities to this job. He has likewise showed up as another character ‘Sharma Uncle’ in a 1-hour repulsiveness exceptional scene already before assuming this personality later.

Vaibhav Mathur (Teeka Ram)

Vaibhav Mathur played the role of Teeka Ram in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, Teeka Ram unemployed guy, who always hangs out with Tillu and Malkhaan. He along with the other two share a rented place to live but have been kicked out of it several times by their landlord for flirting with his daughter.

Deepesh Bhan (Malkhan)

Deepesh Bhan played the role of Malkhan in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, a similarly inept person like Teeka, continually watching out to charm young ladies with awful outcomes. Malkhan alongside the other two are dependably observed attempting to profit through unspecialized temp jobs like capturing, selling stolen things, cheats and so forth yet are frequently gotten and imprisoned. Malkhan is frequently found in being a tease sessions with young ladies which end with him and Teeka getting beaten by the young ladies or Daroga Happu Singh.

Syed Salim Zaidi (Tillu)

Syed Salim Zaidi played the role Tillu in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, Tiwari’s shop representative who continually plots against him to get back his a half year unpaid pay. Albeit dumb, Tillu is generally more keen than Tika and Malkhan. He has taken extreme measures to coerce his compensation out of his supervisor’s pocket like ransacking Tiwari’s home, danger calls and grabbing Tiwari’s more youthful sibling and so on., however conditions dependably betray him and he is left with hardly a penny.

Soma Rathod as Ramkali Tiwari (Amma Ji)

Soma Rathod played the role Ramkali Tiwari (Amma Ji) in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, Tiwari’s severe mother who always beats him for each misstep and cherishes her girl in-law, Angoori. It was uncovered by Manmohan Tiwari that his dad left her mom before his introduction to the world and that his introduction to the world was kept as a mystery for quite a while because of certain obscure conditions. Amma Ji is an ardent devotee of a well known crystal gazer and cleric, Pundit Ramphal. He reveals to her different ceremonies which thus Amma Ji makes Angoori perform to get wellbeing and riches related advantages. There are a few indications given in the demonstrate that point at Pundit Ramphal being Manmohan Tiwari’s genuine organic dad, however this has never been completely investigated.

Falguni Rajani (Gulfam Kali)

Falguni Rajani played the role of Gulfam Kali in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, a scandalous tawaif (prostitute) of Kanpur. most of male character has visited her place sooner or later in the show to respect her move and excellence, with the exception of Saxena Ji who considers Gulfam Kali his sister. She is known to control the men of the show since she knows insider facts about each man that she knows and takes steps to uncover them on the off chance that they won’t do her offering. In spite of the fact that the ladies of the show don’t care for her essence, they do approach her with deference.

Vishwajeet Soni (Prem Chaudhary)

Vishwajeet Soni played the role of Prem Chaudhary in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, Vibhuti’s closest companion who is an indecent tricky hotshot, a lot to Vibhuti’s anger. Prem Chaudhary originates from a rich foundation and arrangements in a few illicit exercises like betting, sneaking and so forth. In spite of this, he is dependably there to help Vibhuti in unpleasant occasions and regularly spends time with him. He is despised by Anita in light of the fact that she fears that Vibhuti may turn into a criminal in his impact.

Akshay Patil (Pelu Chaurasia)

Akshay Patil played the role of Pelu Chaurasia Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, the province’s quiet rickshaw puller. Pelu Chaurasia imparts by hauling out message slips out of his suppressor tied around his head. He is known for being a somewhat keen individual. He closes discussions through his mark ‘wide clumsy grin’. He likewise conveys a convenient radio, giving tunes fitting to regularly diverting circumstances.

Anup Upadhyay (David Mishra)

Anup Upadhyay played the role of David Mishra in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, David Mishra Vibhuti’s UK based rich uncle who dependably visits him in unbalanced circumstances. David Mishra is known to be rich in spite of the fact that his business is obscure. At whatever point he visits Vibhuti, he conveys papers to his ₹20 crore property, so he can name Vibhuti his beneficiary. Be that as it may, because of some reason, he and some of the time others also destroy the papers to pieces. He regularly asks Pelu “London mein taxi chalaega?” (Would You Like To Drive Taxi in London?) at whatever point he comes to Kanpur as he prefers his organization.

Jeetu Gupta (Dr. Gupta)

Jeetu Gupta played the role Dr. Gupta in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, Dr. Gupta specialist who is fundamentally a “tantrik”, as he generally tells individuals. Dr. Gupta performs dark enchantment on his patients to fix them since his solutions never work.

Saurabh Kaushik (Pandit ji)

Saurabh kaushik played the role Pandit Ji in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain,

Hardik Gohil (Laddoo Tiwari)

Hardik Gohil played the role of Laddoo Tiwari in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, Laddoo Tiwari is the more youthful sibling of Manmohan Tiwari and Ramkali’s more youthful child. He supports his sister-in-law, Angoori more than his own sibling and thinks about her as his second mother, as he would call her, ‘Bhabhi Ma’. He is known to have an unobtrusive clairvoyant capacity and could hear what others are thinking at whatever point they are near.

Anup Kumar Singh (Pundit Ramphal)

Anup Kumar Singh played the role of Pundit Ramphal in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, He is famous astrologer and priest whom Ammaji blindly follows and gets ideas from him for various superstitious rituals to get health and wealth-related benefits. He has also appeared as various other characters before and after, such as govt. officials such as CBI officer, IT officer and TTE Namepal Singh.

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