Yogesh Asawale – Dance Deewane 3 Top 16 Contestants

yogesh asawale

The dance reality show Dance Deewane is a platform that encourages all age groups and all child dancers and welcomes them to the show. After a terrific debut, the show has now selected 16 of its contestants. One of them is Yogesh Asawale who is one of the contestants of the dance reality show Dance Deewane Season 3. Who is a participant of the show’s Generation 3.

Yogesh Asawale won the hearts of all the judges of the show Dance Deewane Season 3 with his banging dance performance. In a promo shared by Colors TV, Yogesh Asawale told, Yogesh Asawale hails from Mumbai Maharashtra. He is 37 years old. Yogesh Asawale says he stopped working during the lockdown. Before the lockdown, Yogesh Asawale used to run a school van and had to go through an economic downturn during the lockdown. Only then did he hire a waiter. And his wife and mother together started a small kirana shop so that it could improve financially.

Yogesh explains that he was spoken using any wrong words while he was teaching the waiter. In one promo, Yogesh Asawale is shown working as a waiter, in which he can be heard by a person saying that in this age, he will dance in Okat Ray. Which they decided is the only way dance can go beyond this. That’s when she made her acting debut in the show Dance Deewane Season 3 and became one of the top 16 contestants. All the judges of the show became emotional after listening to this story of theirs.

Yogesh has posted a post on his Instagram profile which reads, such a proud moment of life when I was playing the character of Remo sir on the dance season 3 stage, to me it felt like a loot. Together they write, everything is possible when you work hard, so this is the time to prove yourself.

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