Trishaan Shetty, the winner of American and Srilankan martial awards has been giving tips and training in martial arts to people online

Trishaan Shetty

Mumbai: Trishaan Shetty, the son of India’s martial arts expert Chitah Yajnesh Shetty, has achieved the new feat in the martial arts. Recently he won the first prize in the International zoom tournament organised by “Empty hand combat LLC”, Nampa,Idaho,USA by sifu Cosmo Zimik and the “Best Hand to Hand Technique Performer” award of  the “Sri Lankan Traditional Indigenous Martial Art Association”(STIMA) by Guru Piumal Edrisinghe. Trishaan plays football matches and tournaments on behalf of the Mumbai-based “Fuego Tormento Football School”. Now he has began giving tips and training in martial arts to national and international people online.

The winner of American and Srilankan martial awards

About the martial arts training which he is giving and the awards he won, Trishaan Shetty said,“I want to thank both the martial arts institutes, who gave me this honour. This became possible because of my father who gave me training right from my childhood. I want to reach martial art at national and international levels the way my father did. In fact I want to do still better. I have already made the beginning by starting imparting training online in these days of coronavirus pandemic. The younger generation appreciates it very well.”

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