Sawai Bhatt – Indian Idol Top 15 Contestants 2020

Sawai Bhatt of nagaur Gachhipura of rajasthan is 20 years old. And Sawai runs a puppet show with his parents and this is the only support for his life. One he and his father who is also a singer. The land of Rajasthani culture and heritage has always dreamed of taking forward its passion of singing. But his family’s financial conditions have acted as a hindrance. But this time, he decided to give a faith and a real chance to his passion and this is what he participated in in Indian Idol 2020. The judges were overwhelmed.

Sawai was born in Gachhipura, nagaur, rajasthan and is currently 20 years old

All three judges of Indian Idol 2020 season 12 drew attention to his performance. And after praising him by saying Salman (Winner Indian Idol 2020 season 10) and Sunny (Winner Indian Idol 2020 season 11) you have the potential to become the voice of the nation. And we are happy to have talent like you on our platform. He also believed that his voice takes him to the rich musical culture and taste of Rajasthan and cherishes it for everyone.

Hearing this, Sawai said, “My friends have been very encouraging and always inspired me to sing and this time when they came to know about the audition and they are happening digitally.” They helped me create and upload the video. I was very happy when I came to know that I was selected to perform in front of the judges.

Sawai has always been fond of singing. He followed in his father’s footsteps to do a puppet show. Bhatt had some financial constraints so he never officially trained himself as a singer. But the songs he recited in Indian Idol 12, which had lyrics like Nain Kateele Jese Dil Khaye Hichkole, were highly praised by Vishal Dadlani, Himesh Reshammiya Ji and Neha Kakkar. Earlier, Sawai also participated in Indian Idol 10. In Indian Idol 12, Himesh Reshammiya ji told Sawai Bhatt that you are going to be a very big star, but the same big Dadlani sir is a bigger thing than luck, being in the right direction is in you.

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  1. I hope that Talented Sawai Bhatt will achieve his goal in Indian Idol 12 and thereafter more progress in singing field.

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