Prithviraj Kongari – Super Dancer Chapter 4 Contestants

prithviraj kongari

Prithviraj Kongari is a contestant of the Super Dancer 4 dance reality show, which airs on Sony TV. Prithviraj Kongari earned her place among the 13 contestants of the Super Dancer 4 reality show with her dance performance. Prithviraj Kongari won the hearts of all the judges of the show with his excellent dance performance. The judges of the show highly praised the dance of Prithviraj Kongari, their dance style was liked by all the judges of the show. Prithviraj Kongari hails from Karnataka and is under the guidance of Super Guru Shubhranil.

Prithviraj hails from Karnataka. He was born in Karnataka. He is 9 years old. Super Dancer 4 has selected 13 contestants in the show. One of them is also Prithviraj Kongari. The trio judges of the show, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Geeta Kapoor, and Anurag Basu were stunned by the performance of Prithviraj Kongari.

The contestants of Super Dancer 4 dance reality show Prithviraj Kongari touched the hearts of the judges while performing on the song which re-emerged in the audition round of Super Dancer. He gave the best performance of his dance to Jab Tere Naina song which all the judges of the show were stunned. His performance was judged by Judge Geeta Kapoor and the second judge of the show Shilpa Shetty took to the stage and hugged him. Judge Geeta Kapoor has her answer every step on her performance.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra says children are super this season, so much talent at such a young age is admirable. I am excited to see these children demonstrate and discover their full potential under the guidance of their choreographers. All 13 of our children are unique and outstanding in their style. This season will be quite exciting.

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