Piyush Gurbhele – Dance Deewane 3 Top 16 Contestants

Piyush Gurbhele

Piyush Gurbhele from Nagpur, Maharashtra is the contestant of the biggest dance reality show Dance Deewane Season 3. 2nd Generation contestants come. Piyush is a dancer who was born and raised in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Piyush Gurbhele used to dance since childhood. Piyush Gurbhele is one of the 2nd Generation contestants of the biggest dance reality show called Dance Deewane, run by Colors TV 2021.

Before Piyush Gurbhele show Dance Deewane 3, he is also known in the famous dance reality show Dance India Dance and also called Nagpur Ka Tufan. The outstanding dancer was the second runner-up in the reality series Dance India Dance in the year 2017. Piyush Gurbhele was judged by the three Bollywood celebrities Dharmesh Yalande, Madhuri Dixit and Tushar Kalia in the Dance Deewane show, which is the judge of the show.

It was only during the auditions of the Dance Deewane show that Piyush Gurbhele won the hearts of the show judges. Jamsen was very impressed with the performance of Dharmesh Sir Piyush Gurbhele. Piyush Gurbhele took the autograph on his T-shirt from Judge Dharmesh Sir. Dharmesh Sir had given Piyush Gurbhele his autograph on his T-shirt after going on the stage of the show.

Piyush Gurbhele was born on 6 January 1999 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Her father is also a choreographer who helped her in dance, and her mother, Lata Gurbhale is a housewife. Every child in every corner of the country is filled with talent and just waiting for everyone to get the right stage. Piyush Gurbhele is one of the contestants of the dance reality show Dance Deewane Season 3.

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