Pari Tamang – Super Dancer Chapter 4 Contestants

pari tamang

Pari Tamang Super Dancer 4 is a contestant of a dance reality show which airs on Sony TV. Super Dancer Chapter 4 premiered on March 27, Sony TV. Pari Tamang earned her place among the 13 contestants of the Super Dancer 4 reality show with her Super Flexible Dance performance. Siliguri’s Pari Tamang surprised all the judges with her Flexible Dance form. She is teaming up with choreographer Pankaj Thapa.

Pari came to the show with her parents. During the show, she reveals that her mother is very miserly and goes to dance practice with her father. She complains a lot about her mother and loves her equally. With his talk, all the judges of the show are very entertained and entertained. Also, Geeta Kapoor, who always keeps a strict eye on determining the level of dedication and who was stunned by Pari Tamang’s dance, praised Pari and said that the less you admire her.

Also, Pari’s Flexible Dance Performance was called Outstandi Performance, while Anurag Sir also gave his performance to the best. The same show’s judge Shilpa Shetty Kundra asked Pari how long have you been dancing, then Pari said that for 3 years, then the judge Shilpa Shetty asked her how old you are now, then Pari’s mother replied that she was 5 years old. Hearing this, Judge Shilpa Shetty went to the Chowk and bowed in front of Pari, she did not believe that such a young girl’s performance was wonderful.

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