Jeevansh Chadha’s co-star Ayub Khan sends out positivity and wishes on his new song ‘Kya Tera Roothna Zaroori Hai’

Kya Tera Roothna Zaroori Hai

The song “Kya Tera Roothna Zaroori Hai” featuring Jeevansh Chadha and Kajal Chauhan presented by Sunshine music on Youtube has been garnering a great response from the audience. The song is sung and composed by Vardan Singh, lyrics written by Azeem Shirazi and directed by Rajiv S Ruia.

The song “Kya Tera Roothna Zaroori Hai” depicts a sad yet romantic story of heartbreak and regrets. We see Jeevansh Chadha regretting hurting Kajal Chauhan, who plays the love of his life. Jeevansh Chadha currently stars in the daily television soap opera ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ alongside Ayub Khan, one of the industry’s most prominent actors. Actor Ayub Khan sharing a great off-screen bond with Jeevansh Chadha sent out wishing him success on his new song, he says, “I’m here to wish my dear friend Jeevansh Chadha the very best on his upcoming album ‘Kya Tera Roothna Zaroori Hai’, watch it on Youtube don’t miss it. Jeevansh Chadha wishing you the very best, may the skies be the limit to your success. Cheers!”. There’s no doubt that Jeevansh Chadha will be thrilled to receive a message filled with positivity and good vibes.

Vardan Singh has sung and composed the music in movies like Rakta Charitra, Rann, Mushkil, and many more. Actor Jeevansh Chadha recently made his debut on tv with the serial ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’. Director Rajiv S Ruia just completed a milestone of directing 100 songs in the industry previously he has directed many hit films like “My Friend Ganesha- Part 1,2 & 3”, “Chor Bazaari”, “Vitthal”. Rajiv S Ruia has worked under the production of Sunshine Music before and given the industry hits in recent.

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