Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi

Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi

New show “Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi” full of Comedy & Indian Drama is going to start on Sony TV in the first week of February. Its first broadcast will be on 7 February 2022 (Monday) at 9:30 pm.

The show is based on a unique story on unintentional friendship, a person named Jagannath mishara is thinking something while sitting on the Ghat on the banks of the river. And then comes the sound of someone falling into the water from the side of the river. Jagannath mishara jumps in the river to save him and brings him to his house. The one he saves remains a girl and Jagannath mishara ji and the difference between the age of father and daughter remains in the girl. Jagannath mishara ji and his wife are living a simple life and only then Purvi’s entry takes place in their house. As shown in the promo. Looking at the promo, it seems that a lot of comedy drama will be seen in the show.

Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi Show Timings

Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi show will be telecast on Sony TV from Monday to Friday at 9:30 am. The first episode of this show will be aired on 7 February 2022 (Monday).

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Cast – Rajendra Gupta, Ismeet Kohli, Susmita Mukherjee are playing lead roles in this.

Well-known TV actor Rajendra Gupta is playing the role of Jagannath mishara. Rajendra Gupta is a very great actor, you have already seen in many shows. Jagannath mishara’s character has been taken as an old man who is very punctual. He takes happiness out of small things. It looks like a strong mood but it is very soft hearted and naive from inside. Rajendra Gupta is a perfect fit in the character of mishara ji.

Susmita Mukherjee is playing the role of wife of Jagannath Mishara in the show. which is their time-table. His character’s name is Mrs. Kusum is Mirshra. The pair of both has been sent as made by the one above. mishara Those who get angry over small things, if they find any help, then it is his wife Kusum Mirshra. Kusum Mirshra calls her husband as Panditji.

Ismeet Kohli is going to debut with the TV show “Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi”.

Ismeet Kohli is playing the character of Purvi Singh. Whose character is of a fast-moving girl. Which has come to mishara ji’s house like an earthquake. There is a lot of friction between mishara ji and eastern, which mishara ji’s wife Kusum ji takes care of. Ismeet Kohli is a good actor, he is from theater background. He has worked in commercials and web series. Tell that she is going to step on the small screen with this show “Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi”.

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