Diya Aur Baati Hum Cast

Deepika Singh (IPS Sandhya Kothari Rathi)

Deepika Singh played the role of Sandhya Rathi in this sequential. Sandhya Kothari (Rathi) is an eager, taught young lady, who seeks after her fantasy of turning into an IPS officer for her dad. Sandhya’s fantasies and goals are crushed when she loses her folks in a psychological oppressor assault and her senior sibling Ankur Kothari, intending to move to another country, fixes her marriage to Sooraj, an individual, brought up in a totally unique condition and with various habits. Sandhya faces incredible difficulties in the IPS Academy, including a psychological oppressor occupation, however with the assistance of the remainder of the understudies, figures out how to stop the lawbreakers, building up herself as a remarkable cop. The story at that point centers around Sandhya’s vocation as a cop, as she battles different crooks, including fear based oppressor pioneer Rajkumar (Gaurav Sharma), while meanwhile, tackling her different family issues as she battles to adjust between her expert obligations and local duties. Sandhya conveys twin children, named Ved and Vansh. The newborn children are seized so as to be sold out of Rajasthan. In the resulting salvage activities, Ved is spared however Vansh surrenders to his demise, leaving everyone shattered.After twins Sandhya conveys a girl. The little girl is named Kanak.

Sandhya Rathi
Deepika Singh as Sandhya Rathi
IPS officer Sandhya Rathi
Deepika Singh as IPS officer
Anas Rashid (Sooraj Arun Rathi)

Anas Rashid played the role of Sooraj Rathi. Sooraj Rathi is a mostly instructed, basic youthful ace confectioner, who’s likewise the ideal child of the white collar class Rathi Family.

After Sandhya’s reality of being instructed and not realizing how to cook is uncovered, Sooraj goes to bat for his better half and promises to encourage her all that she needs to know to build up herself as the little girl in-law. Afterward, he encourages her total her examinations and in the long run persuades his mom to acknowledge Sandhya for her identity and transforms her into one of Sandhya’s most prominent supporters. Sooraj meets with a mishap and is stuck in a wheelchair. In this way, he is unfit to run his confectionary shop any longer and Sandhya chooses to take it over, leaving her imagined and barely accomplished employment in the police aside.Overjoyed Sooraj defeats his handicap and can walk and run his shop once more.

Sooraj Rathi
Anas Rashid as Sooraj Rathi
Neelu Vaghela (Santosh Rathi – Bhabho)

Neelu Vaghela palayed the job of Santosh Rathi otherwise known as Bhabho. Sooraj’s exacting and traditionalist mother, Santosh Rathi otherwise known as Bhabho needs Sooraj’s companion and her girl in-law to be straightforward, not knowledgeable, with the fantastic abilities of a housewife.

Santosh Rathi
Neelu Vaghela as Santosh Rathi – Bhabho
Ashok Lokhande (Arun Rathi – Bhabasa)

Ashok Lokhande played role of Arun Rathi, Bhabasa who is sooraj’s father.

Arun Rathi
Ashok Lokhande as Arun Rathi – Bhabasa
Devyansh Tapuriah (Ved Rathi)

Devyansh Tapuriah played role of Ved Rathi, who is Sandhya’s son. Sandhya and Sooraj are living happily with their son Ved Rathi.

Ved Rathi
Devyansh Tapuriah as Ved Rathi
Ricky Patel (Vansh Ankur Kothari / Vansh Sooraj Rathi)

Ricky Patel played the role of Vansh, who is likewise Sandhya’s son.But was raised by Ankur, who plotted the entire capturing disaster, and Ankita.

Vansh Rathi
Ricky Patel as Vansh Rathi
Gautam Gulati (Vikram Rathi)

Gautam Gulati played the role of Vikram Rathi who is sooraj’s younger brother.He is owner of a saare shop.

Vikram Rathi
Gautam Gulati as Vikram Rathi
Karan Goddwani (Vikram Rathi)

Gautam Gulati was replaced by Karan Goddwani for the role of Vikram Rathi.

Vikram Rathi
Karan Goddwani as Vikram Rathi
Kanika Maheshwari (Meenakshi Rathi – Meena)

Kanika Maheshwari played the role of Meenakshi Rathi (Meena), who is Vikram’s wife.

Meenakshi Rathi
Kanika Maheshwari as Meenakshi Rathi – Meena
Reem Sheikh (Mishri Vikram Rathi)

Reem Sheikh played the role of Mishri Rathi, who is Vikram’s daughter in this diya aur baati hum serial.

Mishri Rathi
Reem Sheikh as Mishri Rathi
Varun Jain (Mohit Arun Rathi)

Varun Jain played role of Mohit Rathi, who is sooraj’s younger brother.

Mohit  Rathi
Varun Jain as Mohit Rathi
Pooja Singh (Emily Rathi)

Pooja Singh played role of Emily Rathi in this serial, who is Mohit’s wife.

Emily Rathi
Pooja Singh as Emily Rathi
Drisha Kalyani (Pari Mohit Rathi)

Drisha Kalyani played the role of Pari Rathi, who is Mohit’s daughter in this diya aur baati hum serial.

Pari Rathi
Drisha Kalyani as Pari Rathi
Randeep Rai (Aryan Rathi – Chotu)

Aryan Rathi
Randeep Rai as Aryan Rathi – Chotu
Aryan Sharma (Young Aryan Rathi – Chotu)

Young Aryan Rathi - Chotu
Aryan Sharma as Young Aryan Rathi – Chotu
Bharat Singh Jadon (Ashok)

Sehrish Ali (Chhavi Arun Rathi)

Sehrish Ali played role of Chhavi Rathi, who is sooraj’s younger sister in this serial.

Chhavi Rathi
Sehrish Ali as Chhavi Rathi
Satyam Seth (Dilip)

Satyam Seth played the role of Dilip. Dilip is Chhavi’s husband in thos serial.

Satyam Seth - Dilip
Satyam Seth as Dilip
Ragini Shah (Maa Sa)

Ragini Shah(Maa Sa)
Ragini Shah as Maa Sa
Abhinav Shukla (Om Rathi)

Abhinav Shukla played role of Om Rathi, who is sooraj’s cousin.

Deepak Gheewala (Dado Sa)

Rashmi Pitre (Chaturi)

Rashmi Pitre as Chaturi
Varun Khandelwal (Ankur Arvind Kothari)

Varun Khandelwal played the role of Ankur Arvind Kothari who is Sandhya’s brother.
After his parents’ passing, her senior sibling Ankur Kothari (Varun Khandelwal), intending to move to another country, fixes her marriage to Sooraj, an individual, brought up in a totally extraordinary condition and with various habits.

Ankur Kothari
Varun Khandelwal as Ankur Kothari
Shubha Uplopwar (Ankita Ankur Kothari)

Shubha Uplopwar played the role of Ankita Kothari who is Ankur’s wife in this serial.

Ankita Kothari
Shubha Uplopwar as Ankita Kothari
Shivshakti Sachdev (Bulbul Ankur Kothari)

Shivshakti Sachdev as Bulbul Kothari
Urmila Sharma (Daisaa)

Urmila Sharma -Daisaa
Urmila Sharma as Daisaa
kanishka soni (Daisaa Bahu Kavita)

Rakesh Kukreti (Arvind Kothari)

Rakesh Kukreti played the role of Arvind Kothari, who is Sandhya’s father. Arvind Kothari is died in terrorist attack in Diya Aur Baati Hum.

Arvind Kothari
Rakesh Kukreti as Arvind Kothari
Surbhi Tiwari (Kanchan Arvind Kothari)

Surbhi Tiwari played the role of Kanchan Arvind Kothari, Sandhya’s mother. She is also died in terrorist attack in Diya Aur Baati Hum.

Kanchan Kothari
Surbhi Tiwari as Kanchan Kothari
Prachi Tehlan (Arzoo Aryan)

Arzoo is from Pakistan, Bhabho loathes Pakistan in view of a terrible mishap on the outskirt which took her more youthful sibling’s life when they were children.Not knowing Arzoo is from Pakistan, Bhabho fixes her union with her cultivate child, Aryan Rathi otherwise known as Chotu. At first, Sandhya associates Arzoo with being a psychological oppressor however later spares her from the horrible misconception, yet in addition encourages her get acknowledged by Bhabho as her little girl in-law.

Prachi Tehlan as Arzoo
Ruchi Savarn (Preeti)

Nupur Alankar (Kisna)

Kiran Bhargava (Malti Agarwal)

Pallavi Rao (Kajri)

Eijaz Khan (Abhimanyu Singh)

Preeti Chaudhary (Kavita Sharma)

Kavita Sharma
Preeti Chaudhary as Kavita Sharma
Charu Asopa (Roma Reddy)

Roma Reddy
Charu Asopa as Roma Reddy
Alan Kapoor (IPS Rahul Kapoor)

Rahul Kapoor
Alan Kapoor as Rahul Kapoor
Keith Sequeira (Officer Roy)

Gaurav Sharma (Rajkumar)

Gaurav Sharma played role of Rajkumar in thos serial. Rajkumar is terrorist leader.

Gaurav Sharma as Rajkumar
Vindhya Tiwari (Prema)

Vindhya Tiwari as Prema
Jyoti Sharma (Disha)

Gurdeep Kohli (Maya/Baijii)

Gurdeep Kohli as Maya/Baijii
Arjun Punj (IPS Arjun Chaudhary)

Arjun Punj (IPS Arjun Chaudhary
Arjun Punj as Arjun Chaudhary
Manini Mishra (Officer Agrima Singh)

Officer Agrima Singh
Manini Mishra as Officer Agrima Singh
Neil Bhatt (IPS Zakir Siddiqui)

IPS Zakir Siddiqui
Neil Bhatt as IPS Zakir Siddiqui
Rituraj Singh (Kabbadi Coach Mahendra Singh)

Kabbadi Coach Mahendra Singh
Rituraj Singh as Kabbadi Coach Mahendra Singh
Aadesh Chaudhary (Chandrashekhar – Chandu)

Amit Dolawat (Himanshu Dubey)

Ekta Tiwari (Devi Narayani)

Vaishali Thakkar (Manjari)

Shalini Arora (Yashoda)

Shefali Sharma (Laalima Sooraj Rathi / Laalima Agarwal)

Shefali Sharma played the role of Laalima Agarwal. After Sandhya’s passing, Bhabho needs Sooraj to remarry to Laalima, for whom she accepts, can enable him to improve.
In the interim, Sandhya is demonstrated to be alive, battling with the troubles of Mahabhali Mission in a distant Bengali town, under the name of Segarika Taas.

Akshay Batchu (Lokesh Agarwal)

Sarwar Ahuja (IPS Satyadev Tripathi)

Joyoshree Arora (Resham)

Rukhsar Rehman (Mehak)

Deepraj Rana (Gul Mohammad)

Pooja Sharma (Poorvi Om Rathi)

Rishina Kandhari (Arpita Khanna)

Anshul Trivedi (Amit)

Vishal Jethwa (CP – terrorist leader)

Akhil Kataria (PP)

Ashish Chowdary (Jimmy)

Unknown (Rocky)

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