Atkan Chatkan, film presented by AR Rahman

atkan chatkan movie

A boy who is very fond of music, He is poor, He does not have an instrument to learn music. But he extracts different music from the items kept at home.

This is the story of the movie Atkan Chatkan, Which is brought by Zee TV and the film is presented by Oscar winner AR Rahman.

The story and direction of the film is done by Shiv Hare, The background of the film’s story is based on music and its music has been given by Sivamani, who is a world-renowned drummer.

Talking about the film’s story, a boy named Guddu, who is very fond of music, makes his friends orchestrate. Amd music competition wins to fulfill their dreams.

Lydian Nadhaswaram is playing the main character in this film which is Gudu’s

Amitabh Bachchan is also associated with the film, he has sung a song in this film Daata Shakti De..Released on Anant Chaturdashi (2020)

Atkan Chatkan

Directed By Shiv Hare
Produced By Singh Vishakha
Edited By Fernandes Lionel
Release Date 2020 on Zee5

Atkan Chatkan Cast

Lydian Nadhaswaram – (Guddu)
Lydian Nadhaswaram - Atkan Chatkan
Amitriyaan - Atkan Chatkan
Samuel Steven
Samuel Steven - Atkan Chatkan
Tanmay Chaturvedi
Tanmay Chaturvedi - Atkan Chatkan
Debashree Chakrobarty
Debashree Chakrobarty - Atkan Chatkan
Jagdish Rajpurohit
Jagdish Rajpurohit - Atkan Chatkan

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