Ashish Kulkarni – Indian Idol Top 15 Contestants 2020

Ashish Kulkarni

Ashish Kulkarni from Pune Maharashtra. Indian Idol is a contestant of season 12. Ashish was fond of music since childhood. In 2020 Ashish Kulkarni gave an audition for Indian Idol season 12. During the audition, he sang the song “kabhi kabhi aditi” and impressed all the judges with his melodious voice.

Ashish Kulkarni was born in 1996 and has trained in Hindustani classical music for 10 years. He was also a part of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Liital Champs Marathi in the year 2008. Ashish’s parents are very happy with their music and they support them and Motivate Ashish.

He has been with many bands and artists at various premium destinations across the country such as Hard Rock Cafe, High Spirits, Bluefrog etc. He has won numerous awards. SP Jain, Symbiosis MIT, under the title of ‘Best Singer’. He has also been called as a judge and headliner for intercollegiate competitions of colleges like Pune. Ashish is also a musician and lyricist. He basically writes music which is available on many such platforms like Youtube, Geosavan, Gaana etc.

As soon as Ashish Kulkarni came to the Indian Idol season 12 stage, after seeing his professional look, the judge said that in such a look, Ashish said that he has to go for a job interview, so get professional dressed. He revealed that he is to go through the final round of the interview directly from the audition. Then Judge Vishal teased him about multitasking and asked whom he would choose if he cracked both Indian Idol and Job, then Ashish replied I will choose music because music is his passion.

The same Himesh Reshammiya called his name AK that from now on, I will call you AK and after the judge has kept the offer letter of Ashish, Neha Kakkar said to Ashish that you have come in second round. And now he is also named in the final list of 40 contestants of Indian Idol season 12. After the song of Ashish Kulkarni, Urvashi Urvashi Takitiji Urvashi, Judge Himesh Reshammiya started dancing from his chair and said, “What you have sung it was the finale performance,” Ashish Kulkarni thanked him for this.

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