Aneesh Tattikotta – Super Dancer Chapter 4 Contestants

Aneesh Tattikotta

Aneesh Tattikotta Super Dancer 4 is a contestant of a dance reality show which airs on Sony TV. Super Dancer Chapter 4 premiered on March 27, Sony TV. Aneesh Tattikotta made it to the 13 contestants of the Super Dancer 4 reality show with her Super Dance performance. Mumbai’s Aneesh Tattikotta won the hearts of all the judges with her dance form. He is completing his dance under the guidance of choreographer Akash Shetty.

Super Dancer 4 is an Indian dance reality show. The show is judged by Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapoor and Anurag Basu. Super Dancer is back with Chapter 4 after a successful season 3 in a row after a season of super-top young dance talents. The new season promises mass and its scale, entertainment and versatility of talent from across the country. Anish is also one of them.

Aneesh Tattikotta is an Indian hair dancer. Aneesh Tattikotta hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Aneesh was born in Mumbai. He is 9 years old. Super Dancer Chapter 4 judge Shilpa Shetty gets extremely emotional during the grand premiere, and you will never guess why Super Dancer 4 made her performance with Mumbai contestant Aneesh Tattikotta and her choreographer Akash Shetty. She performed her dance through the remix track of Allah Duhai Hai from Race 2, making Shilpa Shetty extremely emotional.

Also in his praise, Judge Kahan Kya Power Hai Yaar is outstanding. What a welcome When Akash introduced himself as Akash Shetty and Judge Shilpa Shetty heard his name, he laughed, saying the show should be titled Super Shetty from Super Dancer. Later Anurag asks Akash about his experience of mentioning Aneesh, and Aakash says, I want to thank Aneesh for his hard work, because I am in his place. I consider him my younger brother. I was more nervous than that because he has already performed in front of you twice and this was the first time for me. Aneesh then reveals that he has a fear of heights and yet he managed to flip and perform tricks in his dance acting due to encouragement and support from his mentor Akash.

After receiving praise from all the judges, Ritwik of the show made a video call to Aneesh’s fans, which turned out to be his elder brother. While Aneesh and his brother revealed their many secrets, Shilpa Shetty Kundra shared her experience growing up with younger sister Shamita. She said, Shamita and I used to fight a lot, probably because of age gap. As a child, there was not a single thing that I might not have used to throw at Shamita. On the way to work when my mother sent me to my grandmother’s house and in those three months, I missed Shamita a lot. I think that because of this show, Aneesh and his brother will start missing each other and also said that distance makes hearts strong. The same show’s judge Anurag Basu also shared his childhood memories with his brother Abhishek and they shared a siblings bond.

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