Amit Kumar – Super Dancer Chapter 4 Contestants

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar Super Dancer 4 is a contestant of a dance reality show, which airs on Sony TV. Amit Kumar made his place in the 13 contestants of Super Dancer 4 reality show with the performance of his dance. Amit Kumar won all the judges of the show with his best dance performance. The judges of the show praised Amit Kumar during the show audition.

Amit Kumar is from Delhi. Amit Kumar is 11 years old born in Delhi. The judges of the show – Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Geeta Kapoor, and Anurag Basu have selected the extraordinary top 13 contestants across the nation.

Amit Kumar is one of the 13 contestants who have learned to dance with the help of internet. 11-year-old Amit Kumar is learned by choreographer Amardeep Singh, a robotics expert who owns the Amardeep Dance Institute. Amit Kumar is Amardeep Dance Institute Student. Amit Kumar has started learning dance for the last 4 months and through his hard work of these 4 months, he auditioned for Super Dancer 4 Dance Reality Show and made his place among 13 contestants of Super Dancer 4 Dance Reality Show with his best dance performance.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra says children are super this season, so much talent at such a young age is admirable. I am excited to see these children demonstrate and discover their full potential under the guidance of their choreographers. All 13 of our children are unique and outstanding in their style. This season will be quite exciting.

Geeta Kapoor, the second judge of the same show, says: I am thrilled to see children dancing with so much confidence and swag. His articulation points, moves are crisp, and his confidence is at the next level. I look forward to seeing some great acts, and I am sure that with the guidance of our choreographers, these children are ready to make history on stage.

Also Anurag Basu said that we are surprised by the versatility of these contestants. Our Super 13 children are exceptionally talented, and will make this season’s journey even more exciting. They are fully prepared and with the help of the gurus, the competition is only going to get the stuffer. I am sure Super 13 is here to take the stage further with his stunning acts.

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