Superstar Singer Contestants 2019

9 year old Prity Bhattacharjee wins super star singer trophy

super star singer winner priti

Harshit Nath

Harshit Nath 10 Years old boy,  He is from Shivsagar, Assam.

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Shoaib Ali

Shoaib Ali, from Mewat, Haryana. He is 8 Years old boy.

Chaitaniya Mauli

Chaitaniya Mauli 12 Years old boy. He is from Alandi, pune, Maharashtra.

Thanu Khan

Superstar Singer Thanu KhanThanu Khan is 7 year old boy, he is from Barmer, Rajasthan. He sings a song “Tharki chokro..” songe from the movie PK in audition.

Urgen Tsomu

Urgen Tsomu from Bomdilla, Arunachal Pradesh. He is 11 Years old boy.

Avi Trikha

Avi Trikha – 6 Years old boy, He is from Gurgaon.

Biren Dang

Biren Dang from Gurgaon, He is 10 Years old boy.

Sattwik Das

Sattwik Das 10 years old boy, He is from Kolkata.

Tapolabdha Sardar

Tapolabdha SardarTapolabdha Sardar from Kolkata, She is 13 years old girl.


Guntaas from Kanpur, She is 13 Years old girl.

Arohi Roy

Arohi Roy 9 yers old girl, She is from Raghunathur, Kolkata

Nishtha Sharma

Nishtha Sharma from UP Sultanpur, She is  13 Years old girl.

Shekinah Mukhiya

Shekinah Mukhiya  13 Years old girl, She is from Dehradun.

Sneha Shankar

Sneha Shankar from Mumbai, She is 13 years old girl.

Ankona Mukherjee

Ankona Mukherjee from Bankura, West Bengal, She is 13 Years old girl.

Priti Bhattacharjee (Winner)

Priti from West Bengal, she is 9 Years old girl.

Mohammed Fazil

Mohammed from Jaipur,Rajasthan, He is 9 Years old boy.


Superstar Singer Season 2 top 15 contestants

superstar singer season 2 top 15 contestants
Superstar Singer Season 2 top 15 contestants

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